OMG! Kangana Ranaut’s Bollywood Career In Danger Because Of Hrithik Roshan?

Yes, you read it right! According to recent reports, Hrithik Roshan is really upset with Kangana Ranaut and is telling film-makers not to cast her with him, ever. Not just that, his close friends too, don’t want to work with Kangana now. Talking about the same, a source told Bollywood Life, “It is an elementary calculation. You badmouth a top hero, you get ostracised not just by the hero, but by all his friends. Kangana had earlier taken on Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt during the shooting of David Dhawan’s Rascals.”

The source further added, ”And hasn’t worked with them since. But this could be as much her choice as theirs.” ”Meanwhile, none of the three Khan superstars are willing to work with her because of her statements (that she has made it to the top without the Khans and doesn’t need them).

Also, Kangana has started picking female-oriented scripts and in films starring Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, there is little for the heroine to do,” the source said. The source added, ”Now Hrithik Roshan too has apparently told friends and filmmakers that he doesn’t want to hear the ‘K’ name anywhere near him. So where does that leave her?” Not so long ago, Kangana Ranaut had said, ”Many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumb ass can tell where these rumours are coming from.

I don’t know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me that chapter is over and I don’t dig graves.” To which Hrithik Roshan replied on Twitter, “Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (Im sure wonderful)women d media hs ben naming.Thanks but no thanks.”


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