Gaye Turgut

Turgut Gaye born on June 1, 1987 the Turkish theater , films and series actor.

Beykent University Faculty of Fine Arts graduate of the Acting Department. Graduated with a double major portion of Cinema-TV at the same time. Kindergarten by participating in creative drama and dance became interested in acting at a young age.

Take part in the school’s theater group, play of the Republic Ministry of Education’s 75th success in the Shadow of the work our flag award. Gaye Turgut, social sensitivity, showing Uskudar T Type Prisons Authority staged ‘Language of Walls’ role in the game’s Theatre from. Goodness fairy play this game, the other residents of the prison consisted of all the players. Has been teaching theater at the same place.

Finally, STAR TV screens every weekday important characters in the series, forgive me, unsung role in Spring ..

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