Hollywood historian Peter Bogdanovich talks about what made classic films great

Peter Bogdanovich didn’t arrive in Hollywood until 1964, the end of the golden age of Hollywood cinema. It was an era that produced legendary films from Gone With the Wind to Casablanca and Citizen Kane. But the end of an era didn’t stop Bogdanovich from building relationships with his favorite filmmakers, such as Orson Welles, John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock. Continue reading

‘The Jungle Book’ early release: Hollywood banking on India’s love for movies again

Bollywood’s reputation as the biggest movie industry in the world precedes it, and obviously it has a lot to do with the huge audience India has. Hollywood has certainly realised the huge opportunities India offers, and has been banking on it for a while now, even premiering big-budget movies in the country ahead of their release in the US. Continue reading