Blue Movie

Blue Movie

Blue is a forthcoming Bollywood film scheduled for release in 2009, starring Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta and Zayed Khan.

It is an action film that is centered around an underwater treasure guarded by sharks. The film was written by American writers Joshua Lurie and Bryan M. Sullivan. Kylie Minogue makes a guest appearance in the film.


The story follows three men on an underwater treasure hunt. In Bahamas, Aarav (Akshay Kumar) runs a successful fishing company under the title of Blue. He works with Sagar (Sanjay Dutt) who works as a diver for Aarav’s fishing company. Sagar is in a relationship with Mona (Lara Dutta) and soon wants to propose to her. Sagar is under a financial crisis, and to help him, Aarav advises Sagar to retrieve the lost treasure of a sunken ship called Lady in Blue. However, Sagar refuses to go to the ship due to an unknown reason.

Meanwhile, Sagar’s younger brother Sam (Zayed Khan) is in Bangkok. Sam is a bike rider, and meets with Nikki (Katrina Kaif) who works for an underworld gangster named Gulshan (Rahul Dev). Sam is challenged by Gulshan on a bike race, and after Sam wins, Gulshan hires Sam to work for him. Sam is setup by Gulshan in failing in deliver a package costing Gulshan $50 million.

Sam must either pay his money back or die. Sam does not have the money so explains to Nicki, whom he now loves, that he is going on holiday to Bahamas to visit his brother Sagar and doesn’t think Gulshan will find him there. Sam arrives at Aarav’s company and he welcomes him happily. In Bahamas, Sam receives a call from Gulshan on Nikki’s phone, explaining that he has killed Nikki, and knows where Sam is.


Akshay Kumar as Aarav: Owner of Blue Shipping & Fisheries
Sanjay Dutt as Sagar: Aarav’s closest friend and employee.
Lara Dutta as Mona: a marine enthusiast, Sagar’s love.
Zayed Khan as Sameer: Sagar’s brother.
Katrina Kaif in a Special appearance as Nikki: the biker chick.
Rahul Dev as Gulshan: Gangster from Bangkok
Kabir Bedi as Jagat Malhotra: Captain of the sunken ship Lady in Blue.
Kylie Minogue – Guest Appearance in the song “Chiggy Wiggy”.