Billur Yazgan

Crystal Yazgan born on 1 October 1985 – Istanbul Ercan Yazgan ‘s daughter. Television presenter, actress. 1.78 in length.

Crystal Yazgan, Istanbul University Department of Theatre MSM has a degree in Literature and Language. Fame ‘s series also has a small role. S’nek ‘s television channel, “the opposite sex spies,” a program that was providing.

In this program, the program has to offer Taşkıran Tuğçe with the Novice Witch ‘s series is popular girl in school at the time oynamaktaydı.Şu Tuğçe the role of Daisy ‘s series Libby ‘s character is portrayed. Published on Facebook Enver Engin fret and Sovereign Hawk ‘s were annealed Girl such a fun short film is made ​​in September 2010 took part.

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