Anna Tsuchiya

Anna Tsuchiya born March 11, 1984 is a Japanese singer, actress, and semi-retired model. Since 2005, she is primarily known as a singer. She has written and recorded some of her music in English.

Tsuchiya’s modeling career began at the age of fourteen after her older sister Angela, a former fashion model, suggested it. She entered her sister’s former agency, and was picked up by an agent who specialized in magazine-modeling, and her first jobs consisted of modeling for an open collection in Kobe and for Japanese Seventeen in 1998. Demand for her grew, and by 2002, she was doing television ads for Uniqlo and Edwin

Eriko Sato, a glamour model who was once in a bloody brawl with Tsuchiya involving folding chairs which caused the latter to fracture her orbital bone in early 2000s, has also admitted that Tsuchiya no longer seems violent and seems like a different person.

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